As every landscaper and homeowner knows, having a beautiful lawn provides every home or commercial area an elegant touch of green to uphold high value. As an asset for aesthetic appeal and garden foundation, having quality turfgrass breathes life into a property area. Fortunately, Laurel Brook Turf, Inc. is the leading turfgrass supplier in Richmond, RI to satisfy these accommodations.

Our services provide first rate residential and commercial grass, and we are more than happy to administer grass installation on any existing lot. Just give Laurel Brook Turf, Inc. a call, let us know what you want and we will promptly install your freshly new lawn in no time. For those big projects during construction and new landscaping, we lend a helping hand in sod sales. You can rely on us to delivery your all of your turfgrass right to the property.

We are the chosen turf installer here in Richmond, RI. Where the grass is greener and the client satisfaction is the top priority, contact us today!